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Canelo Alvarez will fight against Amir Khan on May 7 in Las Vegas. Considering the records and fan following, Canelo vs Khan fight will be one of the biggest fight on HBO’s pay-per-view. Although, many experts and fans are very much surprised about the fight, but no doubt that it is happening. As we all know, Amir Khan has a huge fan following. His skills made many people fans of him. But do they fan enough to watch him over pay-per-view? That question is already raised in boxing industry. They don’t think it is not as big fight as it is promoting. They doubt that it would not be sold as expected. But not all people agree with them. They thought that both fighters have enough followers to make the fight big enough.

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But it seems many people are too happy about the Canelo vs Khan fight. Oscar de la Hoya is certainly one of them. He is the promoter of Canelo vs Khan. He always thinks positive and expect to break all expectation every time. This time will be no difference. This time he is expecting Canelo vs Khan fight will bring more than one million sales. He believed that he will leave his record of Canelo vs Cotto sales behind. But that will be a tough task.


But the best thing about the fight is the both boxers are ready for everything. And yes, they want to do everything to make marks on the page of PPV boxing history. For Amir Khan, the match is a big challenge. He wants some big fights to move on his career. He says, “It was hard for me to motivate myself when I was fighting these other fighters. No disrespect to Algieri, or the other fighters I fought. I’ve always expected the big fights against like Mayweather, against Pacquiao, and when those fights aren’t happening it’s hard for me to motivate myself. And now it’s come to a time where it’s the biggest fight of my career against someone like Canelo where I know I can’t make a mistake so this is such a big motivation for me…I’ve always been asking for a big fight, and my time has come now so I’m not one to just let it go and get beat.” Canelo vs Khan can be a big opportunity for him. And he is strong enough to take that challenge. “I want to prove to people this is where I belong. Putting the weight on… it’s not slowed down the speed one bit. The speed is still there, the punch power is increased obviously. I’ve been sparring guys and they all say they feel the power. But I don’t want to focus on too much of the power because I don’t want it to slow me down and make that mistake where I’m trying too hard to throw a big shot.”

On the other hand, Canelo Alvarez is flying after his win again against Cotto. He is on the pick of his career. He wants to fight against Mayweather and Pacquiao. But both players have gone into retirement. Canelo still hopes that he will fight with them someday. But as far as it does not happen, Canelo must prove himself. Against Amir, Canelo can make his profile high by beating him. And he is ready for that. “I’ve got the experience now to know how to deal with it,” He said to Fighthype in talking about Khan’s hand speed. “He is fast and it is complicated, but I feel I have the experience now. I’ve fought fighters that are just as fast, I feel and I’ll be able to deal with it,” said Canelo.

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Well, no one has a doubt that the fight will see speed, power, skill. It will be exciting and furious. But it looks Canelo Alvarez is favorite for the Canelo vs Khan match. He is very confident after winning against Cotto. But never underestimate the underdog like Amir Khan. So, you are excited to watch the match? Well, we bring you the Canelo vs Khan tickets for you. You can take the opportunity to buy tickets from our blog. This will make easy to get the passes for the match.

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